About MoroDeco

Inspired by Morocco and its architectural treasures, driven by creativity and passion.
MoroDeco has been leading in terms of innovation.
We have constantly been modernising, creating and producing unique handcrafted furniture while safeguarding Its cultural heritage.

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Interior Design

Morocco is without doubt a captivating destination, filled with magnetic colours and intricate geometrical designs. Its inviting interiors evoke elegance, luxury and intimacy where lighting is an important component. Extremely diverse by its origins. A cultural legacy inherited over the centuries by a myriad of consecutive inhabitants.

MoroDeco was born out of fascination for its architectural characteristics and a passion for innovation.

An inquisitive nature, a sharp eye for detail, combined with years of expertise in this very specific field will be put at your service. Whether you want to give your space the traditional Moroccan atmosphere, or a more contemporary finish..

Just dream it and we will create it..!

If you run out of ideas, please do not worry... We will be more than happy to advise you on what would suit your space or simply inspire your imagination. Whether you have an idea, a drawing, a picture or you're not quite sure, we have the skills to bring your concepts to life. We will work with your requirements in mind including your budget. We will consult you every step of the way looking for the spark of contentment and approval.

For us every home should be unique and every interior should be a piece of art.

We have the skills to create a very masterpiece within your doors at a very fair price which you will definitely be impressing your guests with. and since we also design and produce our own furniture from sofas to mirrors and wall panels, your options become endless...

So please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your requirements as we have prices and ideas to suit everyone.

We are proud of supplying a unique furniture solution to trade companies.

At MoroDeco, we don’t just sell to the home user, we also work with buyers and interiors designers on projects to furnish commercial and business premises such as: cafes, restaurants, shops, schools, nurseries, residential schemes and healthcare.

Built on a foundation of realistic pricing, unique designs, trust and great service, we have developed a new concept. Our ability to adapt our products and services to the British market means that we can cater for a broader platform of trade customers including:
 · Show home designers
 · Residential interior designers
 · Furniture packages providers
 · Independent retailers (furniture shops and furniture online retailers)
 · Hotels

Apart from our exclusive Moroccan inspired designs, what makes us very appealing to trade buyers are the following facts:
 · Quick product delivery
 · Competitive prices
 · No minimum order
 · Stunning product photographs
 · Direct home delivery

To find out how our designs, manufacturing and service skills can enhance your business please contact us.